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Beard Engineering has recently invested in 2 new CNC machines and associated tooling to offer even greater versatility in the machining services available to our clients. Targeted at small to medium sized parts with high accuracy, quality and volume requirements both machines use the latest cutting tools, machining techniques and CAM software to drive them.

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This machine has been designed, specified and manufactured with high accuracy and repeatability in mind. Perfect for the challenges of the mould and die industries, machining tough materials, 3d contours and hard to reach pockets this machine widens the scope of what we can offer our clients whilst maintaining the highest quality standards.


- Capacity of 2200mm x 780mm x 900mm and a table load of 3 tons

- Heidenhain control

- High pressure coolant via spindle

- Flexible and reliable SolidCam programming software

- Linear measuring scales for accuracy


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Hardinge Bridgeport GX1000


- Capacity of 1020mm x 540mm x 540mm

- Heidenhain control

- Flexible and reliable SolidCam programming software

*Beard Engineering would like to acknowledge the support of the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development through its LEADER programme for part funding the purchase of the Tajmac-ZPS machine which is now fully operational.

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The European Agricultural fund for Rural Development: Europe investing in rural areas

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