Our planer has the following capacity:

  • Waldrich Coburg X 6000mm Y 1450mm Z 1220mm (open sided type)

This machine is ideally suited to the machining of surfaces without creating excessive heat, enabling us to achieving close tolerances.
Due to the way this machine cuts metal, with its fixed tools and moving bed, almost any angle of chamfer can be created and tight internal corners can be achieved. This alleviates the need for expensive custom tooling.
Examples of work pieces machined:

  • Inspection Surface Tables up to 6000mm in length (To grade 2 specifications)
  • Straight Edges, I- section and Camel Back
  • Portage Tables - machined in 1800mm x 1200mm modules, plain or slotted to individual requirements
  • Bench Centres
  • Vee Blocks
  • Weld Preps/Chamfering Plates/Bars up to 6000mm
  • Press Brake Tooling up to 6000mm
  • Fabrications and Castings


Case Study: Machining a ā€œVā€ shape in sheet material

We developed this machining method to give customers the ability to bend sheet material and create a tight 90 degree bend in a variety of metals, including ones with a mirror finish. Using this method we can machine material with a thickness as little as 1.5MM and a length of up to 6Metres.This method has been used for creating:

  • Picture frames
  • Door frame cladding
  • Shop displays
  • LED light fittings